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AMPdj is a trading name of AMPuk Members Ltd (Company Number NI611966) Registered in the UK. Registered address: AMP House, 18 Blackthorn Drive, Newtownabbey, BT37 0GJ.

Selecting the Right DJ for Your Event

Selecting a DJ

They come in all shapes and sizes, gender and expertise. The most important decision you should make is choosing the right DJ to suit your event.

have a great party with a mobile DJIf you're having a children's party, look for a DJ with experience in this field. Likewise, if it's a wedding, an 18th or a 40th, do the same. The skills for each are very different. Choosing a DJ with experience in the style of your party will allow them to offer suggestions and help significantly to make your event a memorable success. Also consider the age range of your guests. A wedding DJ will be very used to catering for a wide age range. A club style DJ is best suited to an 18th or 21st birthday celebration etc.


A DJ's equipment isn't standard. It can vary greatly in quality, condition and neatness.

Lighting is paramount in creating the right atmosphere and mood for your party. If you want a night club atmosphere, with the 'wow' factor, you would be looking for a DJ with a large set up and the latest effect lighting such as lasers, scanners and moving heads. If, on the other hand, you have older guests attending, lights flashing in their faces whilst sat talking can be quite off putting. In this instance, ask your DJ to provide lighting on the dance floor only. If it is sophistication you are looking for, most DJs are able to colour wash the dance floor with subtle lighting.

Ask your DJ if he/she is familiar with your venue. It is important for the DJ to be aware of the size of the room and its furnishings for acoustics and to ensure they are able to provide the most suitable sound equipment for the venue.

music for all ages with a mobile discoAs with all technical equipment, it can break down. Ask your DJ if they have a PAT Certificate (portable appliance test) such that their equipment has been checked for safety and also if they carry back up equipment should the worst happen.

When planning your event, consider that the DJ will need time to set up and dismantle their equipment. This can vary between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

PLI (Public Liability Insurance) covers any unforeseen accident claim. Many venues now insist on seeing evidence of this so be sure to ask your DJ if they are covered.

How Much Does it Cost for a Mobile Disco?

Hiring a mobile DJ varies in price considerably, and some fees may evoke a sharp intake of breath. Before you rule out a more expensive option, remember they charge more for a number of reasons. As well as experience, they are more likely to have high class, expensive equipment (with back-up), can provide all the necessary certificates (which soon add up) and they are full time professionals, able to give your event the time and attention it deserves.

Other things to consider when choosing a DJ.

Ask your DJ:

  • Will they be suitably dressed for your function?enjoy your party with a mobile disco
  • Will the booking be confirmed with a booking form/contract?
  • To ensure the booking form/contract is signed by both parties and you are given a copy. This should include
    • The date of the function
    • The venue location
    • Agreed timings
    • Details of deposit & total fee payable
  • To issue a receipt for all monies paid.
  • To provide you with a copy of their terms and conditions for you to retain.
  • To provide testimonials from previous clients (reading what previous clients have to say about your DJ will give you a clearer indication as to whether he/she is best suited to your occasion)

While being a member of an organisation demonstrates that the DJ takes their profession seriously, it is worth knowing a little about the organisations and their criteria for acceptance.

  • AMPdj (The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs) - The largest National DJ organisation in the UK. DJs of all abilities, covering all types of functions across the UK receive client enquiries from the AMPdj sites (including this one) - full membership includes £10 million Public Liability Insurance.
  • NADJ (National Association of Disc Jockeys) - A nationwide Association for all DJs from hobby DJs to club for all tastes with a mobile disco Entrance criteria requires possession of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and to have an equipment test certificate (PAT).
  • SEDA (South Eastern Discotheque Association) - Based in the South East of England. This Association is open to all DJs from youngsters still practising in their bedrooms to more experienced DJs.
  • BDJO (British DJ Organisation) - A nationwide organisation open to all DJs. Membership includes PLI. This organisation has now ceased trading.
  • The Musicians Union - A nationwide organisation open to all musicians and DJs - all members are issued with PLI
  • The Alliance of Musicians & Performers (AMPband) - a sister organisation to AMPdj. All bands, singers and musicians are covered with £10m Public Liability Insurance.
Unfortunately, to date, there is no recognised professional accreditation system available for DJs (although some private, unregulated, ones do exist).
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